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Compliance Healthchecks

Financial Compliance Healthchecks

This is an one off service Braxton Financial Regulation provides in some countries, that is increasingly popular with firms wanting an independent compliance assessment of their business.

Healthchecks commence with issuing a pre-visit questionnaire to the client followed up by one of our consultants visiting the client’s offices to carry out a review of their systems and controls, procedures and key documentation. We start the visit with an initial discussion with the appropriate Approved Persons to enable us to understand their business and during the course of our work review the following areas:

  • Conduct of Business
  • Training & Competence
  • Complaint Handling Procedures
  • Financial Reporting
  • Senior Management Systems and Controls
  • Approved Persons
  • Financial Promotions

Braxton Financial Regulation produces a report that lists by priority the matters that require attention and we make any recommendations for corrective action so that the client can rectify any deficiencies.