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Wikis in financial regulation: Wikipedia and Lawi

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Wikis in financial regulation: the winners are Lawi and Wikipedia

There are only some wikis which cover financial regulation. We found the most interested being:

Lawi offers a Wiki Encyclpedia of Law which is complete and offers a lot of information about financial regulation law. We found particularly interesting, in Lawi regulatory information, the topics related to:

> Brokers/Retail Intermediaries > Insurance/Reinsurance Undertakings
> Bureaux de Change > Investment Firms
> Credit Institutions > Moneylenders
> Credit Unions > Payment Institutions
> Electronic Money Institutions > Regulated Markets
> Funds > Retail Credit Firms and Reversion Firms
> Fund Service Providers

The article si not wide in scope. Maybe the most interesting part of the article is the part relating to the
Structure of supervision, which is reproduced below:

“Acts empowers organizations, government or non-government, to monitor activities and enforce actions[1]. There are various setups and combinations in place for the financial regulatory structure around the global [2][3]. Leaf parts are in any case:

Supervision of stock exchanges

Exchange acts ensure that trading on the exchanges is conducted in a proper manner. Most prominent the pricing process, execution and settlement of trades, direct and efficient trade monitoring[4][5].
Supervision of listed companies

Financial regulators ensures that listed companies and market participants comply with various regulations under the trading acts. The trading acts demands that listed companies publish regular financial reports, ad hoc notifications or directors’ dealings. Whereas market participants are required to publish major shareholder notifications. The objective of monitoring compliance by listed companies with their disclosure requirements is to ensure that investors have access to essential and adequate information for making an informed assessment of listed companies and their securities.

Supervision of anti-money laundering

The anti-money laundering supervision ensures that criminal activities does not threaten the reputation and financial strength of an institution, or also endanger the integrity and stability of the whole financial market. All companies concerned need to have policies in place which prevents transactions with criminal background[9].
Supervision of investment management

Asset management supervision or investment acts ensures the frictionless operation of those vehicles.

Supervision of banks and financial services providers

Banking acts lays down rules for banks which they have to observe when they are being established and when they are carrying on their business. These rules are designed to prevent unwelcome developments that might disrupt the smooth functioning of the banking system. Thus ensuring a strong and efficient banking system.”

Source: Wikipedia
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